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The Deadset Flog.

Potty-mouthed tales in navigating the shitshows of life...

Sometimes life itself can be an absolute Deadset Flog. It need a universal dick punch and you need a new perspective and a goddamn break from the ongoing life-lashing. 

If only you could just shove a geranium Ecoya candle up your butts and have life come out smelling roses [Or I guess more correctly, geraniums]


The Flog is here so that profanity-ridden stories of my past and present journeys, my colourful dating life, coupled with McNuggets of my coaching knowledge and grossly inappropriate metaphors can help you find a new, more resourceful perspective in a sea of "what the actual fuck" moments. And I mean, also avoid the aforementioned futile butt-candle situation.

If you relate to: ALL.THE.DIETS, the “it’ll be fine when I’m thin/successful/relation-shipped” mindset, perfectionism, depression, hating on your good-self like a mega bitch, dating all (and I do mean ALL) the wrong men, feeling exhausted by “not enough-ness”...then The Flog will be up your alley like a coffee enema.

These things get me drier than an empty 2-humped desert camel: They are not OK for us! We deserve better, we CAN have better, we are STRONG, we have the POWER to change our own minds.... and if you're not quite there yet (at fuck-yeah I got this!) then come for the comfort found in connecting through shared experiences and dirty jokes. 

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I'm Katherine Boxall - 'Kat', ‘Boxy’ or just ‘Box’. The innuendo of ‘Boxy’ sounding like I’m named after lady sex bits is not lost on me. I just tell people it’s due to glowing feedback I've received about my stunning "designer vagina". Many people believe this. On weekends you can find me drinking non-spicy margaritas and dishing out sass when tipsy, doing Pilates/Pie&Lattes, taking my friends on hikes without disclosing the distance prior, winking at boys in the pub and making bulk submissions to "Overheard on Bumble". 

I am a trained NLP Practitioner/Coach, I nerd it up working as an IT consultant and being currently single, curiously navigate the process that is dating our peen-wielding members of society. 

What gets my nipples hard? Swearing like a pirate-hooker while helping people understand how their sub-conscious programming creates how they experience life. 

Who am I?

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