Meet the Katboxy
behind the posts

Hi - I am Katherine Boxall...Boxy, Box, Kat, Katbox...

The Deadset Flog is a coming together of my "cup-fillers"- teaching, writing, growth, laughing, sass and profanities. My career as an IT consultant is a cruel irony, with the industry being rife with filthy innuendo but the required professionalism / threat of HR action preventing such filth from materialising in convo - so 'The Flog' is my outlet, my passion project. 

I trained to be an Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner after it helped me turn my life around from a 12 year struggle with depression, self-harming, disordered eating/diet rollercoaster & feeling like a mega failure.


For years I just remember feeling so hopeless, so sad, so tired and the advice/help around at the time was too much of a jump for me - yeah legend, your flower crown is beaut but I'm fresh fucking out of glitter stars over here, my ocean of positivity is as dry as a 2am drunk-clit-sitch so nobody's going to be dipping their tits in and "just feel happier". 

Taking a leap is sometimes too hard when you can't see the other side. For me, humour is that bridge. The things I went through, that you might be going through - they are wholeheartedly not funny, they are painful and they hurt. But many a truth is said in jest.. why? Because it's easier and it's safer. 

You may be hurting but you're a giant loveable inappropriate weirdo like me. So we first connect and laugh - "Yep, that DOES hurts like a giant cactus-dildo in the butt" or "WOW, that's what I say to myself? That IS INDEED, well and truly fucked like a 20 hour lusty bedroom romp".


In a simple mutual ROFL, often the disempowering aloneness we feel is lessened, the leap gets smaller and the possibility that YOU TOO can change your life for the better becomes closer. 

Me in my natural state (with beverage)  

My Poodle Miley; ultimate sass kweeen. I likely have some sort of undiagnosed co-dependency disorder with her. Obsessed.  

Right Now?

(Image Credit: Instagram @theyellowhairedgirl)

Despite my Taurean penchant to declare otherwise - I am wildly imperfect and continue to evolve, much of my growth is "unlearning" behaviours that are incongruent with who I am today as they continue to pop out from the archives of my previous life series: "How to feel loved without self-worth". 


Like an invasive vaginal exam (ew), I am now into exploring my supreme magnetism for the amazing yet unavailable man (having ruled out it's nothing to do with a lack of awesomeness on my part). His army of clones have been coming at me for years, so it'll be an absolute corker of an investigation. There's tears, it's very uncomfortable and after this week's revelation that I am in fact NOT able to have casual sex like a dude because I have a lot of feelings... there's likely to be a lot less action for this saucy minx. (#prayforkatsbox).

Apart from a few relationship-ish blips on the radar, I have actually been single for approximately 12+ years. In summation: I GOT SOME STORIES PEOPLE. And they are good....and I will share them here for shits and gigs.