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SHIT: It's time to talk about some people who are full of it.

The pristine waters of the Body Positivity Movement are being muddied....

I’ll issue a a lil [RANT ALERT] on this baby, although I’m not sure why rant alerts are even a thing because mostly they get me pretty excited, like tongue-pashing boys in the rain while stopping intermittently to learn about their hopes and dreams..”

SO. I am fierce advocate for the body positivity movement. I believe just one part of it is being positive about our bodies no matter what shape or size however the MOST important intention of this and the actual thinking that needs to be adjusted - is realising WE ARE MORE than that. We are MORE than our bodies and our appearance, these shouldn’t even be in the fucking equation. And as soon as we start to help people SEE MORE than that in each other, the sooner we BECOME MORE than that to each other.

So in a world where a lot of people do turn to Instagram for inspiration to feel better and be better versions of themselves, nothing gets up my proverbial fucking nostrils more than accounts spruiking body positivity and self-care messages with side photos of “BUT HERE IS A PICTURE THAT FIXATES ON MY BODY” or…”TAKE AWAY MY CAPTION AND HERE IS SOME SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION FOR YOU TO ENJOY!”

(In an unrelated side-note, I also intensely dislike pictures of acai bowls due to the strong wanker-vibe that emanates from the photo .)

SO. Because #bodypositivity is #sohotrightnow there’s so many weight-loss flogs jumping on the bandwagon and muddying the pristine waters of the body positive movement with their #fitspo and #readmymotivationalcaptionthenlookatmybody...BoPo is getting twistedddddd. And not in the kinky/fun way. It actually becomes very difficult for the average lady out there legitimately trying to feel better about her body and herself to surround herself with the right messages.

“The Gram” is actually a great resource for Self-Help and hot tips to make us feel dandy about ourselves, but because we can’t always trust all our friendly neighbourhood G-rammers to not be deadset flogs with no sense of social responsibility WE, OURSELVES as the Lady Legends we are must hone our supreme analytical skills in on working out when “Self-Help” and “Body Positivity” is being jerked around and is actually “Self-Harm” to us because it makes us feel McShit.

Then, we must indulge in a little #UNSUBSCRIBE fun.

[SOMEONE will inevitably advise me that everyBODY is allowed to and deserves to be celebrated. Which is 100% correct. I 100% advocate for every single woman loving themselves sick and being proud of the way she looks and posting about it. My course correct here is to help women seeking to feel positive about themselves understand where the true thinking has to be adjusted so they can be aware themselves if this message is lost and decide if a pic is true to the message they need to hear]

Here are questions you can ask to KEEP THIS SHIT IN CHECK for yourself:

* Does the post make you feel good about yourself – or does the picture cause you to compare, feel shame or feel anxious about your own body?

*Is the shame/comparison/sadness that you don't look like the person in the pic what you are calling "motivation"? (This is called negative or "away from" motivation, it's not the best kind....)

* Are you ACTUALLY getting the #inspo feels, some sort of positive motivation or the message that you are SO SO MUCH MORE than your ass and boobs so who gives a flying fuck in a bucket what they look like? Or is it more like “Sista, here are my boobs and my ass #selflove”.

* If you took away the words, what message and feeling does the photo give you?

You know what to do..... #unsubscribe



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